The Power of Intention

When you claim you want something and are willing to fight for it, no matter what, you’re probably going to get it. Last year, I made the decision to move to Los Angeles. My plan had always been to move as soon as I became SAG-Eligible, booked a role on a network television show filming on the East Coast, and completed my web series. When I finally made the decision, “I’m moving in January, no matter what,” I still hadn’t achieved those milestones. But as soon as I claimed that I was moving, everything started falling into place. I became SAG-Eligible first, having worked on three SAG sets and paid SAG rates. Then I booked a CO-STAR role on AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies,” with dialogue and everything. And finally, we released the Season Finale of Door to Door the Web Series in December of last year.

It isn’t magic. It’s the power of claiming what you want. Setting a very specific goal and working toward it however you can. Keep trying things. There’s no point in giving up. Ever. If your goal was to become a Doctor, and you went to Medical School, and then graduated and started looking for work… If you didn’t have a job in the first 6 months, would you GIVE UP on being a Doctor and resign yourself to a life of other jobs that you were overqualified for? No. So don’t let your dreams become the same thing. You can chase down and accomplish literally anything you set your mind to… but you have to be specific in what you want. “I want to act” isn’t good enough. “I want to book a role on a network television show” might not even be specific enough. “I want to be the lead in a JJ Abrams sci-fi film” is getting pretty damn close (That’s one of my new goals, by the way).

After moving, my biggest goal was “Get an agent.” Well, I can now happily say that I’ve met with four agencies and two of them have already offered me representation. It’s a very powerful position to be in when you have choices, and I’m eternally grateful to all of the people who taught me that it’s okay to claim my worth and to go after what I want. That anything is possible as long as you have the determination and the drive to go after it.

I have a few other goals that I’ve made that I’m pretty sure are very close to happening, but I’m not going to announce them until they’re at 100%. Just know… they’re exciting.

That’s all for me today. Always remember to be true to yourself, and never give up.


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