My True Experience in a Los Angeles Rape Cult – Updated 7/13/2018

UPDATE 7/13/2018 8:40pm. I’ve re-included a photograph and the name of my abuser (A former update stated that they were removed to protect other victims’ identities, but it’s far enough removed that they no longer have any links to him on their pages). I found out that he had started a new cult under the name of Alex Sojo, formerly AJ Riley, also known as Alejandro Riley or Alejandro Sojo. He lives in Santa Monica and has continued to practice his recruitment tactics, as well as photography, out of his home. His accomplices are Tim “Ryan” Larson and Scott Riley, a hypnotherapist and AJ’s husband. The three of them have a website called, and an instagram called @unity2012media.

UPDATE 10/13/16, 12:50am. My abuser’s Twitter, website, and Facebook page (all using some form of @AJRileystudio) have been deleted.

This isn’t an easy thing for me to write. I’ve been putting it off for almost a year, hoping I wouldn’t have to. Hoping I could just move on. But the ramifications of what happened continue to persist in my life. I need to get it out. I need to tell my story. If I can stop what happened to me from happening to even one other person, it will have been worth it.

I moved to Los Angeles for the same reason many young, enthusiastic dreamers do: to become an actor. I landed here excited, as there were endless possibilities for what could happen with my career. I hit the ground running, sending out headshots, resumes, and cover letters to every agent and casting director whose address I could find. I just knew, after everything I’d done before I got here, that something great would happen. And it would happen soon.

And something did happen. I attended a group event for actors and writers to share ideas and read each other’s work, a way for writers to hear their writing out loud, and a way for actors to get a little more acting in. As a writer and an actor, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start networking. Once there, I met a girl who invited me to another group that she was involved with, one that met every Sunday, which she affectionately called, “Actor Church.”

The perks were incredible: It was free, it was filled with actors who wanted to better themselves, it was an acting class combined with motivational speaking, and it was taught by someone who worked in casting at Warner Brothers. How could I possibly pass that up? It felt like the Universe was responding to everything I had asked for, and things were lining up even faster than I could have imagined. I happily attended Actor Church my very first week in Los Angeles.

The class was everything I could have hoped for. It began with a motivational speech about how to be the very best version of myself, it continued into doing research on actors who had made it big seemingly overnight, and finding the key points on how they did it, and then we practiced “entering the room” for an audition, and what to say to a casting director upon meeting them. The “right” talking points with which to answer their questions. Some of this felt familiar to an acting class I had taken in Charlotte, so I was happy to be able to continue the work I’d been doing without the price tag.

My mistake was never questioning anything. My mistake was never checking whether or not this man was who he said he was. I did do a quick Google search, and didn’t really find anything other than a very brief imdb page which listed him as a producer on a short film that I’d never heard of. But that fell perfectly in line with what he had said, that his job wasn’t meant to be public. He had been hired to see how actors behaved when they didn’t know they were being watched. His job was to see if the actors could be professional on set, without sabotaging the production by being unruly.

I wrote it off. It was the first sign that things weren’t quite right, but I ignored it.

I attended the meetings weekly. It gave me the encouragement I needed to continue pressing on in Los Angeles when nothing seemed to be happening. It gave me a group of actors who supported each other and pushed each other to be their very best, to take risks, to defy all odds, and to never give up. There was a whole lot of good that came out of those early few months. The people I met were on top of their game, everyone was excited, everyone was positive, everyone knew that their careers were going to happen at any moment.

After a couple months, our “life coach” took me aside. “You really have what it takes,” he said. “Not everyone in this class does. I say they do, but they don’t. Obviously, not everyone makes it. But you’re really close.”

In my mind, this was a casting director at Warner Brothers telling me that I was about to break through and become a star. In my mind, this was irrefutable proof that I was going to be cast in a film or television show, and soon.

“If you can just be completely consistent, at your very best, and never mess up, for one whole week… I’ll take you to a dinner with the executives. I’ll introduce you to them. They’ll see.”

I should point out now, that this sort of thing doesn’t actually happen. There is no such thing as a casting director who brings a no-name actor to a dinner with “all of the executives” so that they can decide whether to use him or her in a production. It’s not a real thing. The casting process is long and arduous and no casting director worth his or her salt would ever put an untested actor before the “executives” unless they had seen a number of auditions and trusted them completely. And certainly not at a dinner—it would be in a casting office.

I didn’t know this at the time. This man had so many elegant stories of “the truth behind Hollywood” that seemed to make so much sense to me at the time. So I did what he said. I did my very best to be “consistent.” To be “flawless” for one whole week. And I felt like I did a pretty good job. And at the end of the week… Nothing happened. It was as though our conversation had been completely forgotten.

At this point, I had begun to take special, private classes with this man. He called them “one-on-ones,” where we would meet alone together twice a week to discuss everything that was holding me back, and everything I could do to better myself. We talking about acting, we talked about my personal life, we talked about every traumatic thing that ever happened in my past… We talked about a lot of unprofessional things. And this “bonus” class, outside of the free Sunday classes, could be mine for only $250 a month.

I know. It seemed worth it at the time. It felt like 8 private acting classes / therapy sessions for $250, with someone who had the power to hand me a career. I already felt like I was ripping the guy off by attending his “free” classes every week on Sundays, so I paid the money and I attended the “one-on-ones.”

In one of these one-on-ones, after my week of perfection, I brought up the idea of meeting with the Warner Brothers executives. “You’re not ready yet,” he said. “I thought you were in a different place, but you didn’t show me you had it this week.” And of course, I was devastated. What had I done? How had I messed up this great opportunity? Clearly, this man had seen something. But he wouldn’t tell me what it was. I started tearing myself apart in my mind, analyzing every single action I had taken over the course of the week. “Well, I overslept on Wednesday, but there’s no way he could know about that…”

It was maddening. It was overwhelming. But I knew, deep down, that things were going to work out. I had what it took. I would prove myself.

Then my fearless leader revealed that he was a photographer. And he had been a photographer in Florida for many years, after another many years being an international model. “I want to take some pictures of you,” he said. “You’re very attractive, but I don’t think you see how attractive you are. So I want to show you.”

We headed into his photography studio, which was in his garage, to take the photos. He started the process out by giving me a “test.” Just to see how comfortable I was. To see how comfortable I could be. “Take off your shirt. How comfortable are you on a scale from 1-10?” I said 10. I wanted to be the very best me I could be. “Now your pants. Scale from 1-10?” I said probably an 8.

He put down the camera. “We can’t shoot today. I can only work with models at their maximum level of comfort. If you can’t be comfortable around me… I can’t be comfortable around you.” I changed my tune. I was a 10. I just needed a second.

So we started shooting the pictures.

“If I wanted to take a picture of you, and I wanted people to know you were sad, what’s something physical you could do to show sadness?”

“I guess I could cry.”

“Right. A tear. And if I wanted to show the audience that you were happy… what’s something physical that you could do?”


“Right again. And if I wanted to show the audience that you were turned on…”

“…an erection?”

“Exactly. It takes everyone else so much longer. I knew you had it in you.”

And he went on to explain his theory about star performers, and star actors. “It’s all about sexual energy. You can’t be a star without it. You have to be able to look someone in the eyes and make them want you. The way you do that is by turning yourself on. If you’re turned on, the audience is turned on.”

It made sense in a perverse, twisted way. It felt like a secret code. Something that most actors hadn’t been able to unlock. I just had to actually be horny when I entered the room.

Then he told me a story about the first time he discovered that he had the ability to be sexy. I had already told him about my own past, about how I used to be extremely overweight, how I never felt confident that anyone could be attracted to me. And he said he felt the same. He said that he grew up believing he could never be attractive. And then he got over it. And this was how.

“I was doing my first ‘bathing suit’ shoot as a model,” he said, “and the photographer wanted me to turn myself on. I had no idea what that meant. I was always taught not to even look at my penis, let alone acknowledge that I had one. When he asked me to turn myself on, I just stood there, confused. And then one of his assistants said, ‘I can help.’ And he came over and started sucking my dick. And once I was hard, the photographer said, ‘yes, that’s perfect,’ and started taking my pictures. As soon as I was soft, the assistant would come back in, and he would get me hard, and we would shoot again. And it went on and on like that. One of those pictures was the one that was used in the campaign. He chose me. Because I was the only model who was actually turned on.”

It didn’t make sense. It sounded absurd. It sounded like utter bullshit. But this man was in casting at Warner Brothers, and had had a long and successful career. How could I not trust him? I wasn’t working, and he was, so he must know better than I did. So I started practicing. “Turning myself on.” So that the camera could see it in my eyes. So that everyone would find me attractive. So that the executives would want me. So that women would want to be with me.

Then there was another test he would do. And it wasn’t just with me. There were rumblings that all of the men in class were subjected to these same sort of “tests.” The first time it happened to me, it happened with another classmate in the room. That’s how I justified it. “Well, he’s okay with it… so it must not be wrong.”

The guy knew what he was doing.

This test was called, “Make me want you.” What we had to do was get completely naked and stand in front of our instructor and do whatever we had to to make him want us. If he wanted us, we “won.” If he wanted us, that meant the world would want us. If he wanted me, I would have a career.

So I stood there, naked. Next to another man who was completely naked. And we took turns. “Turn me on,” he would say. And I would walk toward him, and almost immediately, “stop. Go back.” And then it was my friend’s turn. And it went back and forth like this, both of us beating ourselves up, feeling terrible about the fact that we couldn’t turn this man on, that we weren’t attractive, that we weren’t “at our best,” that we wouldn’t be able to have the career of our dreams…

It escalated. Over a few months, the game started happening more and more, and spread into our photo shoots (which were happening more frequently) and into our one-on-ones. “You need to practice your sexual energy! It’s the only thing you lack!”

I was desperate. I needed to prove that I could be sexy. To myself, to the casting director, to the woman I was interested in… It was the only thing that mattered.

So when he offered to “help,” the same way that he had been “helped” by the camera assistant in his first swimsuit photoshoot, I let him. I didn’t want to. And at this point, he had convinced me that the real reason I couldn’t get hard for him was that I was homophobic, that I had been raised with a “small-mind mentality,” and needed to overcome that. In order to do that, I needed to have a sexual experience with a man. Namely, himself.

The entire time he was sucking my dick, I was angry. But not with who I should have been—I was angry with myself. Angry because I couldn’t get hard. Angry because I was homophobic. Angry because I was a failure. Angry because I had been rejected by the women I wanted because I wasn’t attractive. I needed to overcome this mental block.

And he was not gentle. He grabbed my dick. He slapped it against his face. He nearly chewed on it. He put his fingers in my ass. He did things that I did not enjoy. Things that physically hurt me. Things that I hated him for but then pushed aside because I needed to “get over it.” I needed to “push through.”

Eventually, I closed my eyes and pretended that he was the woman that I wished I could be with. She’s the only thing that got me through those experiences. When I came, he patted me on the shoulder and said, “good job. I think you’re really getting it.”

And the reason I say “those experiences” is because it didn’t stop there. It got to a point where we had a shorthand. He would say, “Do you want to be a star?” and I would say yes, and he would say, “Show me.”

“Show me” meant “take off your pants and put your penis in my mouth.” But of course, he always made sure that I locked the door first. He always made sure nobody could know. He made it a very big deal that I “hide my treasures.” I couldn’t share this with anyone else, especially the women. They wouldn’t understand. Couldn’t understand. So I never told a soul.

He also made a big deal about not being in a relationship, with anyone. He said “having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is like having a plan B for your career. When things don’t work out, you get to go home and complain to your plan B and feel better about yourself and really you’re just giving up.” So I didn’t try to have a relationship. I just kept coming back for more one-on-ones, for more private lessons, for more unwanted dick sucking.

I never enjoyed it. I never wanted it. I never felt like I was growing. At a certain point, I started to realize that even if he worked at Warner Brothers, he was never going to follow through on his promises. It had been 8 months, and nothing had happened. But still, whenever I was at his house, he would inevitably find a way to get everyone out of the studio, and it was the same thing.

“Show me.”

“Do you want to be a star?”

“Prove it.”

“Don’t share your treasures.”

Show me.

Sometimes, the girl I loved was literally only a room away from me. The door was locked, and I would just pretend it was her. Eventually, I let it happen because it was just easier to take the abuse than to try to do anything else. “It won’t last long,” I would think. “It’ll be over soon.”

“It could be worse.”

One time, it went further. He always made a big deal in our group classes about how I was the “trend-setter.” I was the person who would go farther than anyone else. I was the person who would be given a task, and rather than just complete it, I would also go two or three steps again. I was always going to be ahead of the curve, and that’s what made me special. So, all that in my head, during one of the “show me” sessions, he took his own pants off. His dick was hard. He looked at me. I “knew” what I “had” to do.

I could write an entire novel about all of the ways that he manipulated me. The ways that he manipulated our entire class. I could fill hundreds of pages. I could write a fucking manifesto. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to wallow in the misery of what happened anymore.

Eventually it all came out. Another guy in the class had his first ever “show me” experience and didn’t follow the “don’t tell” rules. He told a girl in the class, the girl who had invited me to be there in the first place, 10 months earlier, and she lost it. She told everyone. People took sides. The class broke apart. From there, the sexual abuse ended. The mental abuse continued for a few more months before I finally had the courage to leave.

I’m out of it now. The man never worked at Warner Brothers. He never had a job in the film industry. He was trying to motivate us all enough so that we would make it and bring him along with us. He fully believed in the adage, “You are what you speak.” So if he claimed he worked at Warner Brothers… eventually it would be true. He just couldn’t stop himself from sexually abusing his male students.

The man’s name is AJ Riley. He also goes by Alex Sojo, or Alejandro Riley. The police said there’s nothing they can do without solid evidence. He is not in jail. In fact… he’s still teaching. Before I left, he told me he was “getting ready to start a new cycle.”

That was chilling to me. It was almost a threat. But I cannot allow that to happen. I cannot allow this man to build up his own ego or his own power anymore. When people like AJ get into power positions, they think they can do anything. And the more power they have, the more they think they can get away with.

This is a photograph of AJ Riley the last time I knew him. He is a rapist, a manipulator, an abuser, and he has never worked for Warner Brothers, Disney, FOX, Universal, or any of the film studios he claims to have worked for.


If you’re in a group and you have even the slightest feeling that something might be wrong… please ask questions. Ask the men and women in your class what’s happening to them. Don’t take no for an answer. They will lie to you. I flat out lied for AJ, plenty of times. People would ask me if anything weird happened, and I would say no.

AJ angrily declared that the man who accused him of sexual abuse was a liar, that he had never sucked his dick. But I knew that wasn’t true… because I had seen it happen. And yet, I said, “I know! How could he have said that?” It’s manipulation. It’s mind games. It’s fucked up. It’s horrible. Nobody should have to go through it.

I am ashamed of so much of what happened… but I’m out of it now. I’ve learned from it, I know what to look out for, and I have made it a part of my mission to prevent this from happening to other young, susceptible people.

Things are looking much better for me lately. Since finally freeing myself from the pressure of being perfect and attempting to please the man who could never be satisfied, my career has actually leapt forward. I’m in a movie that has been playing the festival circuit and comes out on DVD next month. I’m about to produce and star in another feature film. I’ve published a novel. I’ve been approached by a literary agent to represent another of my screenplays. Things are looking very good. And I know it’s because I’m finally out of my depression. I don’t want to kill myself anymore, like I did for about 6 months after getting out of the cult.

I live for me, now. I live to stop the spread of hatred, prejudice, and manipulation. I live to spread joy, love and equality for all.


11 thoughts on “My True Experience in a Los Angeles Rape Cult – Updated 7/13/2018

  1. I’m so horrified by all of this. I met [redacted] at my friends birthday party some years ago, and remember how he seemed to need validation. I remember learning from his partner, that they were studying hypnotism. I never imagined he was an abuser. Now, hindsind is 20/20.
    This is not your fault. This was never your fault. You are so brave for stepping out and sharing your story. You are so courageous for leaving in the first place. All your feelings of depression and darkness, are so valid. I can only imagine what it was like for you. Please continue to love yourself. Please continue to share your story, and support others that are fresh out of this situation. I hope the police can soon find the evidence they need to stop this criminal and bring him to justice. You truly are a hero, and a survivor. Thanks again for sharing!

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  2. ML says:

    I’ve met predators like this in the industry.. or at least who claim to be in the industry. I recognize the psychological tools they use to prey upon the young, naive, and hopeful. Sorry you went through this. Hopefully it serves as a cautionary tale to men and women alike that this is totally unacceptable behavior on his part (to say the least) and to be skeptical and cautious around anyone who has, or claims to have, a position of power in the biz. BTW, I googled him, and he’s still on IMDB and has a promotional video (3 years old) on Youtube.


  3. lyricsexpress says:

    I wanted to say congratulations on the magnificent way you have handled this situation. Part of the manipulation game is using your own guilt against you to make you blame yourself for your predators actions because you believed and were used and manipulatedo. None of us want to believe it can happen to us. And real manipulation players don’t even think they are doing anything wrong. They believe they are helping or doing the right thing. Maybe it was done to them. Maybe they just want you so badly they will do and say anything to get you. But to set up these groups to lie and not have that experience does not bode well. Keep in mind you do not need police for a civil action lawsuit. We are the neighbors you met and you should never doubt yourself. You are a beautiful soul, a great writer, and an amazing person. Remember even if this went on it doesn’t change who you are. It just changes the fact that you know that bad people are out there. Sorry you met one and sorry you believed. Sorry it wasnt real. And more than that sorry it made you doubt yourself. Dont. Believe in you. And don’t forget while there are bad people out there…. there are also very good people as well. Don’t forget that. And live your life with laughter. No matter what there is always reason to smile.

    Huge hugs.


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    • Thank you so, so much. I truly don’t wish any ill will. I just don’t ever want it to happen again. Thus removing the name and continuing to tell my story.
      Thank you for your kind words. They are very meaningful.

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      • lyricsexpress says:

        No – don’t remove the name unless you have an attorney telling you to do this. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH. People have the right to be warned. Don’t let them keep doing this to people.


      • lyricsexpress says:

        Seriously – this is your life – this is your truth – this is what happened to you – and to not name him lets him continue to do this to other people, Other people who are bright eyed and starry eyed. They are the prey. They are going to be eaten alive. Unless they have some sort of warning. Again. You don’t need the police for a civil lawsuit. And you can broadcast that civil lawsuit any way you can. Look at what Miley Cyrus did.. She told the truth – she explained this industry was full of pedophiles and no one liked seeing the ugly truth. But she told it and she stood up for kids and people in the industry. Don’t let this group get away with this. If this is what they continue to do – which obviously if they do not have the experience they say they have – and they lie – then they are ONLY doing this to do what they are doing. ONLY doing this to do what happened… No other reason. If they lied to you to say they could get you in – they lied to do this to you. HOW MANY MORE will there be… How many more were there? How many times? Was anyone ever injured? Did anyone kill themselves because of it? Did they hurt anyone permanently? You have this gift right now. Use it the right way – be aware – he did not care whom he hurt – how he left you feeling – how he used you emotionally… how he lied… You have the right to tell the truth. But please don’t let it go…and let the next unsuspecting victim fall into his clutches. I say this because I’ve been there, I stood up – it made a difference… not to me – but to the next person they could not harm. And that’s all that mattered to me. I understand exactly where you come from. Remember there are good people out there… But be aware of the bad – and teach others to be aware. Teach that there are no private meetings — teach those things you should have known that would have gotten you out of this circumstance. That would have been a warning sign — if you had listened… But more than that – teach people to be aware of their gut instincts and their wants to not override their knowledge. To trust their gut instincts.


      • I hear you on that. I do. But there are people who were involved with this who would prefer never to have to talk about it again. They would prefer to move on, not to have to answer any questions, and not to be judged by strangers. And I have to respect that.
        ALSO. I am keeping an eye on the man. Even if he blocks me on all social media, I have friends. Friends who he can’t possibly know about and can’t possibly block. And I will make sure that he isn’t teaching. That he isn’t doing photography. Because if he is… I will release his name. And I will take him to court. And he will be put away, or deported.


  4. I agree, with lyricsexpress. If you take away his name, you take away the truth, the whole truth. AJ MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS. By taking down his name, you are not holding him accountable. He wins a little, even. He gets away with it. For the others who you want to protect, you didn’t list any of their names. Plus, no one else is being accused or has to tell their story. That is their choice. AJ made his choices, he should not be protected. I understand this can be exhausting, and it sucks that it’s drawn out. I encourage you to see this through. I say this not with any judgement, but as a victim of sexual assault. Your story in and of itself is powerful, yes. But because you know the perpetrator, you have a responsibility (unfortunately) to share his name to those who might fall prey. The good you will do will be greater, if you share his name. Those who were victims and are still dealing with shame or want to ignore it, again, I completely understand those feelings. They are all valid. But you will do greater to protect people by speaking the whole truth, then hiding something significant like his name. Please reconsider.


    • lyricsexpress says:

      Thanks Hannah – very much. Although it is the victim’s right to choose to not broadcast the perpetrator’s name. I will defend that right, regardless if I disagree with it. The reasons I disagree with it are written below.. And of course… you have to be aware that there could be issues of slander/libel etc. which can become an issue, but if it is fact, and only fact – there is no slander/libel.

      The point I am trying to make is that I believe this should be taken to civil court, and anyone who is willing to join you should be invited to go. This should not continue.

      Pedophiles have created this atmosphere of EVIL that spreads to victims for being the victim.

      THERE IS NO EVIL in being a victim – the predator is the evil. NOT the victim. Stand proud. I was molested as a child, I was raped as an adult – I do not hold that guilt in me, I place the guilt on the predators. My predators were not touchable as in they disappeared after they chose to victimize me – and as such, I believe while you have access, you should not let this man disappear to only reappear somewhere else. I have counseled many women who are rape victims to do the same. It gives them a sense of strength to tell the truth where before there was only shame for having put themselves (they did NOT put themselves anywhere, the predator situated them – INNOCENCE AND TRUST ARE NOT GUILTY CRIMES to be ashamed of… ) into the situation. I ask you to stand up because you can. Because you have the strength. For those asking you to hide this… really? HIDE THE TRUTH? Because they might become dirty? What about people before you? What about the next victim. How much more dirty do they become for not having spoken out and allowing it to happen to you – or allowing future attacks?

      We’re not talking about a man who just decided to have an affair with you and make you not so straight… but a man who manipulated you – manipulated the whole situation to make you believe you were getting special treatment, treatment that he did not have the authority to give… He dangled this carrot in front of you – of a dream he created for you – manipulated you into having sex because you felt you had no other choice, and what other person who didn’t know any better wouldn’t have done this? How many other people has he done this to? What has it done to their lives? Did they quit? Did they give up their dreams? Did they kill themselves, did they start taking drugs or drinking? Are their lives ruined? AND how many who are not as strong as you are — how many will die thinking they are disgusting, stupid, people.. for the rest of their lives because they fell victim to a man who lied about his capability and his experience.

      How much did his boyfriend know? Did he know that he had no experience – did not have that job? Did he know what he was doing to these boys/men/people? Did the other roommates know what was going on? Did other people in the group know what was going on?

      HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE HELD THEIR SILENCE — allowing him to go free to stop from feeling dirty or being associated.

      All of them. Obviously – because it happened to you.

      Just think – if one had spoken up – it would not have happened.

      Please do not allow another person to feel so incredibly awful about themselves. Because you know it is true – that while you are there you justify – but you begin to hate yourself for believing for trusting and for hoping.

      You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. And you can certainly redact everything – but how will people who know nothing about him – find out about this? How will they know that he doesn’t work there? How will they know he creates these lies? How will they know that he makes victims?

      How will they know the truth?

      If you become one more silent. person allowing it to continue?

      Look, I’m only the neighbor – I have no ill will against any of the people involved. But I can tell you this much – IF WHAT YOU HAVE SAID IS TRUE – then the neighbor has been doing something that is very wrong. He created a fantasy world business operation that brought prey to him specifically to get to that prey. If everything he says he is – is a lie — then what he is doing is wrong – and he is helping no one.

      He could have done it without the lies – if it wasn’t about finding the prey.

      He could have just said – Hey – I’m doing this to help people – and lets have fun – we’ll all learn together.

      But he lied to become a person of authority which provides power and trust.

      He lied to people who believed him – and he got them to come in and do things that probably shouldn’t be happening in any acting class – overt sexuality and nakedness – that’s a different movie industry.

      Maybe he was trying to help. Maybe he meant well – but the only thing I see him helping is helping himself to those that trust in him and he felt he could control and manipulate – which is all part of that predator game.

      Don’t get me wrong – some predators don’t know what they are doing is wrong – they just see it as an attempt to woo someone they want over.. They lie – they brag – they seduce – they create need – they create fear – they hold power over someone which is an intoxicant, they may not know they are doing it to people – in a way that is bad… they may think they are helping… But if it’s repeatedly done over and over and over and he keeps taking advantage of someone or many people -then he knows he’s doing something wrong. And it is a sickness because in a lot of predator’s cases, they do not feel they can stop the compulsion to do this. Perhaps their sexuality started at this level and became permanently marked, so they have no other desire. As in the case with men who like only teenage girls Their sexual identity stopped growing somewhere and that was where they were left, regardless of the right or wrong of it – they often cannot help their wants and desires. HOWEVER – what they can help is how they act out on it. How they choose to behave, how they choose to not harm others with their own personal sexual dysfunction.

      But in all reality – if he does not have that job, does not know those people, does not have the experience, then everything is fabricated and a lie. If it is all a lie to bring groups of people in so that he can molest them – then he knows what he is doing and he is going to continue for as long as he possibly can.

      Is it criminal? Perhaps not and perhaps yes. Age and state law would make it criminal. Being a free class that was really a lie – not criminal – lying to you – not criminal – but using his lies to create authority and coercion to do something you would not normally do – may be seen as criminal – in civil law. HOWEVER – I’m going to bet – there are others who may have a worse story to tell — and those may be very criminal.

      I would seek an attorney on this fairly soon. because he probably will… And there is no way you should communicate to him if you can help it. He will take everything you say out of context and find a way to use it against you.

      He will have his side of the story to tell – which make it a you vs him kind of thing – this is not the pleasant part. The pleasant part comes from you telling the truth – and backing it up with documentation showing anything to prove that he did not have the experience, job or capability to be providing such a class to people – and that the main reason he was putting these classes on was to find and create and make new victims. AND ASK yourself – was hypnotherapy ever used on you guys? Did anything happen to you that you are unaware of?

      I just realized how much I wrote. I am a very passionate person about certain topics – and believe we must all stand up so we are not alone…. so we stop abuse – so we make things right — so we change the world into the better place it was supposed to be.

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